The World Health Organization declared the ‘Coronavirus Disease 2019’ (COVID-19) as a pandemic on 11 March 2020. As the pandemic confronts the world with unprecedented challenges, governments and institutions are looking for viable technology to fight the outbreak and keep our communities safe.

Besides providing free connectivity for projects that can aid or alleviate the impacts of the pandemic, UnaBiz has curated a list of IoT solutions that can help businesses and communities address immediate challenges facing the Coronavirus.

These solutions are readily available, easy to install, and in some cases already deployed to help companies access information remotely, conduct business as usual and protect our community post-COVID.

Contact us if you have questions regarding these solutions.

Address Increasing Demands for Cleaning & Maintenance with Outcome-Based Servicing

Enable Contact Tracing & Reduce Mounting Pressure on Supply Chain Logistics

Automate Data Collection for Essential Services with Remote Monitoring

Maintain a Safe & Healthy Environment in Workplace & Retail Spaces

Other Solutions

This list will be updated as more solutions become available.