Connected Lock

Smart Lock

Long Battery Life

Easy to Install

Low Cost

Connected Smart Lock for post office package lockers


  • Battery-powered to last 3-5 years, depending on the use case
  • No need for external power source, nor external internet connection
  • Improved process efficiency – delivery process speeding up significantly by on-line awareness of the status of the parcel lockers (free/occupied lockers)
  • Automatically generated PIN-codes remove the human error from PIN-codes
  • Change of parcel ownership traceable online
  • Logged delivery transactions providing valuable information for senders
  • PIN-code can be set to expire within desired time for delivery of perishable goods (food, medication)
  • Alerts when set temperature threshold met
  • Alerts in case of burglary


Electrical lock with robust enclosure
Battery: 4 AA Lithium batteries
Capacitive keypad with light and sound
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Intrusion detection
Attachment to the locker door with 3 screws
Automatic generation of customer PIN-codes by operator backend system
Both uplink and downlink messages are encrypted with TEA algorithm.
Solution includes a-part with the keypad, b-part with the lock motor and counterpart
1 year warranty