Smart Water Metering

Climate change is threatening freshwater resources globally. Implementing smart water metering systems not only at the consumer level, but also during distribution is essential to prevent water shortage. In order to enhance water conservation and management we need to collect water consumption data regularly. UnaBiz offers simple IoT retrofit solutions to existing water meters that improve water management, prevent leaks and reduce cost of operations for a smooth digital transformation.

Real Life Cases

Smart Water Metering with Taipei Water Department

Taiwan is the world’s rainiest developed country that receives on average 2,500 millimetres of rainfall every year – 2.6 times the global average, yet, it is classified by the United Nations as top 20 water-scarce countries because only 16% of the rainfall is collected and stored. Not only does Taiwan experience water shortage, but it also has wasteful users due to a low cost of water, a leaky delivery system, silt build-up in reservoirs and ineffective management of water policy.

Smart Water Metering is the solution to help the Taipei Water Department better manage their demand and supply of water. UnaBiz is deploying 2200 smart water Meter Interface Units (MIU) with Shin Kong Communications in Taiwan, the first part of a 1.7 million smart water meter project spearheaded by Taipei Water Department. This smart water solution is low cost and easy to install, contact us to find out more about our product design and manufacturing capabilities.

Discover the Benefits of 0G Solutions

Long battery life, less maintenance.

Low cost, wireless, easy-to-install.

Automated data logging for audit.

Get real-time updates.

Receive alerts when parameters are breached.

Data is stored on our Cloud for easy retrieval.

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