Smart Water Metering

Climate change is threatening freshwater resources globally. Implementing smart water metering systems not only at the consumer level, but also during distribution is essential to prevent water shortage. In order to enhance water conservation and management we need to collect water consumption data regularly. UnaBiz offers simple IoT retrofit solutions to existing water meters that improve water management, prevent leaks and reduce cost of operations for a smooth digital transformation.


France – Smart Water Metering with Sogedo

On average French individuals consume 150 litres of tap water per day.  France is experiencing longer, more sustained droughts contributing to historically low water table levels. Furthermore, approximately 20% of water is lost daily due to leaks in the country’s water distribution network.

Since 2016, 90,000m3 of water have been saved thanks to over 22,000 smart water metering devices deployed by Sogedo, France’s leading independent water company and 4th largest water distributor.

Brazil – Smart Water Metering with Iguá

Brazil has the planet’s highest volume of renewable freshwater resources, yet its water distribution networks experience daily challenges. Water “lost” before it reaches the customer (non-revenue water) is an issue for every local water utility and water fraud rates are high.

With 20% of the project complete, Igua already witnessed improvement in billing accuracy, quick identification of leaks and up to 10% cost savings, among other benefits.

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