UnaBiz Intellectual Property Management Policy

An organization’s intellectual property (IP) is one of its most valuable assets. In addition to trademarked logos and copyrighted slogans, businesses also use confidential research information to distinguish themselves from their competitors. 

IP symbolises innovation and creativity within a company and managing these assets requires dedicated resources. 

At UnaBiz, we believe that a strong IP strategy and management policy enables the company to derive the most out of its innovation and sustain our market leadership among our competitors. 

We take an Agile approach towards intellectual property management and the protection of patents created by the company and its employees. 

Intellectual Property Protection Measures

  1. Patent due diligence:
    Patent due diligence reviews in the various stages of projects are conducted to analyze prior art references against product features before actual manufacturing.
  2. Patent Proposal Reviews of Evaluation Processes:
    Before filing an official patent application, patent proposal review is established, supplemented by the prior art references analysis, worthiness evaluation, and strategy of protection requisition, taking into account the quality of employee patent applications.
  3. Intellectual Property Education and Personnel Training:
    Primary intellectual property concept education for the staff and project-based learning education for the research and development personnel is regularly held to enhance our people’s better understanding of the boundary of infringement.
  4. IP Right Protection Regular Reviewing:
    The association between the granted patent right and the third parties’ products is periodically reviewed to assess the necessity of maintaining and defending the intellectual property right. 

Implementation Status

  • Managing IP assets requires buy-in from Management Executives, Technology Managers, Engineers, Technical Writers, and Product Developers.
  • We establish patent review, award system, and training course for our team for patent filing to keep them abreast of the latest developments.
  • All intellectual property matters are regularly reported to the Management Team and Board of Directors. 
  • Milestones acheived:
    • In 2021, UnaBiz formulated regulations on intellectual property management, including a patent proposal process, a reward system and patent search report underlining various stages of projects.
    • In August 2021, we held a training for primary intellectual property concept to educate all staff and establish a list of intellectual property asset.
    • In 2022, the TIPS Management Standard was introduced to construct UnaBiz’s Intellectual Property Management to enhance the company’s IP policies in the Recruitment Process, Control of Patent-Related risk, and information Management Security. 
    • In August 2022, we held our annual training for primary intellectual property concept to educate all staff and establish a list of intellectual property asset.