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by Agility

UnaBiz is the enabler of Massive Internet of Things (IoT) based in Singapore and Taiwan. We provide affordable, well-designed solutions that are energy efficient, scalable and simple to deploy at a fraction of conventional cost

Welcome to the IoT Revolution

The future of our connected world is here.
Transform your business with 0G Solutions that improve productivity, eliminate inefficiency
and develop new revenue streams for your business.
Discover the Power of Low and the momentous part it plays in “Massive IoT”.

Discover what IoT can do

Why UnaBiz?

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Spend Less

Take advantage of some of the most affordable technology in the market to reduce cost and maximise profit.

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Conserve More

As a company with environmental awareness, we let little go to waste. That’s why we champion low-power solutions that save you time and save our planet.

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Work Faster

Agility defines us, our solutions will streamline your operations and reduce your time to market.

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Not Harder

Less complexity, more efficiency. Our products are so simple you will be left wondering how you did it before.

Let Us Journey Together

We specialise in product design, manufacturing and the consultation of low-power wide-area connectivity options
in the area of smart metering, asset management, and asset tracking – the main drivers of smart cities.

You need a device

You have a project and need devices to collect data?

You need a complete solution

You have a project and need a tailored solution?

You need connectivity

You have your device and software and just need connectivity?