Security Alarm Backup

Independent GSM networks used by most security alarm systems are threatened by jamming devices which are cheap and easy to acquire, so burglars have easy access to them. Sigfox 0G technology can work as a backup to GSM network when there are outages and jamming attempts.

Real Life Case

UnaBiz partners Verisure for smart security alarm backup

Verisure integrates Sigfox 0G Network in its security system as a backup to GSM network when there are outages and jamming attempts. 

When interference or jamming is identified, the control panel sends an alert via Sigfox 0G Network which prompts the security protocol from the Verisure central command station.

This solution gives 100% protection against radio frequency interference. Customers can be assured that their alarms will go off, even if their telephone networks are down. It comes at zero cost to the customers, as a simple firmware update is all that is required.

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Sigfox’s communications-jamming protection is very robust compared to GSM. The RF power required to jam Sigfox communication with conventional jammers is huge and far beyond the power capability of jammers available on the market

Christophe Fourtet,  former CTO and co-founder of Sigfox 0G technology

Discover the Benefits of 0G Solutions

Long battery life, less maintenance.

Low cost, wireless, easy-to-install.

Automated data logging for audit.

Get real-time updates.

Receive alerts when parameters are breached.

Data is stored on our Cloud for easy retrieval.

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