Smart Parking

parking lot view from above

Whether it is in the streets or in private parking such as malls, universities or airports, it is always a challenge for drivers to locate parking lots. It creates frustration for the drivers, increases air pollution and affects business revenue for commercial buildings.

IoT sensors that work on the 0G network can provide real-time knowledge of available parking spots without engaging costly solutions, bringing a positive parking experience to both patrons and drivers.

Real Life Cases

taipei city logo

Taipei City X UnaBiz

Several cities in Taiwan and among them Taipei have partnered with UnaBiz to deploy more than a thousand sensors to detect available parking spots. All the information is then gathered in the “Easy Parking in Taipei” APP and accessible to any drivers in Taiwan. It reduces traffic jams and reduces the time wasted to locate a parking spot by the drivers. The solution is currently deployed in Taipei (1000 sensors), Tainan (2000 sensors) and Pingtung (1600 sensors).

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