Rodent Monitoring

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Rodent control has always been important in both commercial and residential projects as they have the ability to transmit diseases, contaminate food and cause structural damage.
They are a real challenge to capture and eliminate as they learn to recognize traps quickly. As such, it is important to evolve and come up with newer solutions which are more effective. IoT sensors can help track their habits and therefore improve trap efficiency.

Real Life Case

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Rodent Monitoring Solution for Facility Management with RATSENSE

In Singapore, many building owners as well as F&B franchise owners are adopting RATSENSE for effective rodent control. They can monitor rodent habits and hot zones accurately allowing pest control companies to place their traps more efficiently and exterminate pest effectively. By monitoring the facilities 24/7, technicians now spend less time on checking the areas that report lesser or no activity as compared to the areas that report higher rodent activity/sightings. The solution itself is also maintenance free as the device’s batteries can last up to 5years.

“In areas without cellular or Wi-Fi coverage, transmitting data to the cloud would be impossible if not too costly. That is where UnaBiz has provided the answer. […] This allows for large scale deployment of devices immediately and effortlessly.”

Discover the Benefits of 0G Solutions

Long battery life, close to zero maintenance.

Low cost, easy-to-implement and use. No cables, no complex installation.

Our solution provides automated data logging meeting audit requirements.

Get Real-time updates.

Receive alerts and notifications when pre-defined parameters are breached.

Data is stored safely and easy to retrieve on our Cloud.

We speak English, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese and French

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