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Customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and security are key factors for airports today. As numbers of passengers and traffic keep increasing every year (expected 7.3 billion passengers by 2034), airports face new challenges. Emerging technologies such as IoT can help solve rising issues and smoothen processes to improve overall efficiency. Used in some specific areas, it can also help develop new revenue streams. 

Real Life Cases

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Changi Airport Singapore X UnaBiz

The world’s #1 airport partnered with UnaBiz to deploy a wide range of sensors and trackers to make the world’s best airport a destination in itself. These low power solutions include; temperature and humidity sensors, indoor and outdoor asset tracker, smart rodent monitoring system, toilet sensors, and people counters for crowd control. The solutions are deployed in all four terminals and Jewel – a 137,000m² retail complex and indoor sanctuary.

Discover the Benefits of 0G Solutions

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Long battery life, close to zero maintenance.

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Low cost, easy-to-implement and use. No cables, no complex installation.

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Our solution provides automated data logging meeting audit requirements.

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Get Real-time updates.

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Receive alerts and notifications when pre-defined parameters are breached.

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Data is stored safely and easy to retrieve on our Cloud.

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