Smart Toilet Management

Smart Toilet Management, also known as Smart Washroom Management is a big part of Facilities Management. By deploying simple IoT solutions such as sensors, facility managers can improve operational processes and washroom experience for its tenants. This is especially important as poor toilet hygiene, sanitation and waste disposal spread germs and affects public health.

UnaBiz’s People Counter and Ammonia sensors have been awarded the Very Good rating (2-ticks) under the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certification scheme administered by the Singapore Green Building Council.
The SGBP certification advances the built environment to one that is more green by facilitating sustainable procurement of green building products. 

Under Singapore’s Building Construction Authority Green Mark scheme, Section 3.02c – the use of SGBP certified products can score points under the Functional Systems Criteria and/ or Singular Sustainable Products outside of Functional Systems Criteria, up to a maximum of 8 points.

Usage of SGBP products rated 2-ticks and above can accrue a maximum of 2 additional points. Access the Directory of Certified Products here.

Real Life Case

Smart Toilet Management

UnaBiz works with various Facility Management Experts such as Certis Cisco, Exceltec and UEMS in Singapore to deploy a wide range of simple sensors to enable a smart toilet environment. These smart washroom solutions include ammonia sensors, people counters, motion sensors and trash bin sensors. By tracking bathroom usage, occupancy and stock levels of restroom amenities, facility managers can optimise the allocation of resources such as manpower based on the utility of each facility.

Check out our smart toilet management at Great World City, Heartbeat Bedok, train stations and various healthcare institutions served by our partner UEMS

UnaBiz is part of the Intelligent Facilities Management solution in 82 SMRT stations featured on CNA! Our Smart Toilet Management project with Certis monitors the cleanliness of the facilities through ammonia, people counter sensors and feedback tablets, which allows for pre-emptive and on-demand cleaning ; while AI HVAC optimisation by Envision Digital aims to reduce energy usage by up to 10%.

All these initiatives are part of SMRT’s mission to cut its carbon footprint to achieve net zero by 2050.

Smart Facility Management Deployments in Singapore

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