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The IoT Cloud Gateway for your connected assets

A Simple Way to Manage Large Fleet of IoT Devices Cost-Efficiently

UnaConnect lets you deploy, maintain, and integrate an unlimited number of connected devices into your enterprise system with ease. By alleviating the technical burden of managing a massive fleet of devices you can focus on what matters for your business. Our fair price policy offers transparency and predictability to help you manage costs from the beginning. UnaConnect is the most cost-effective solution for massive IoT.


devices communicating daily

up to 10x

cheaper than existing solutions

How It Works

All messages are received, decoded, and stored on UnaConnect serverless cloud-solution. That allows complex operations to be performed before the data are pushed to the services you need. These decoded messages can be sent to any commercial IoT dashboard or to your systems in JSON and other standard formats. The entire fleet can be monitored and updated through the UnaConnect website, mobile application and API.

Key Benefits


UnaConnect supports bi-directional Many-to-Many communication

It automatically identifies message types, applies decoding rules accordingly and pushes the data to the chosen dashboards, allowing full integration into your infrastructure without complex programming.


UnaConnect is resilient to downstream-server unavailability

Cloud services are expected to be always up, enterprise systems connected to the Internet are not.

UnaConnect bridges the gap with its spool of messages and customisable data resend policy.


UnaConnect adapts its infrastructure automatically to accommodate any number of devices and messages

Our state-of-the-art server-less architecture with Amazon Web Service (AWS), discharges you from overheads in system management or resources.

EASY: Managing IoT Devices can be Simple

UnaConnect supports multiple payloads per device. This means that you can route one type of data to your main dashboard while routing another to another platform.

Keeping track of each device’s firmware version can be a hassle. UnaConnect resolves this burden by detecting the payload’s format and decodes the data accordingly. This process is completely transparent for your infrastructure and doesn’t require any modification downstream.

UnaConnect allows users with assigned permission to easily create a configuration payload that delivers downlink to one or multiple devices, simply by filling a form. The cloud gateway automatically formats the proper payloads and delivers them as soon as the devices request a downlink thanks to its just-in-time capabilities.

SECURE: A Robust and Reliable Solution for Connected Devices

UnaConnect has perfect uptime, receiving and storing messages in real-time. Data is then decoded and pushed to your enterprise systems using Connectors. In case of unavailability of your infrastructure, an alert will be sent to your system administrator via email or other notification within seconds.

If your infrastructure is unresponsive, an alert will be sent to your system administrator via email or other notification within seconds. With its customisable “Retry Policy” UnaConnect ensures that no information is lost even if your system is down. All spooled messages will be delivered as soon as your system is up again ensuring the continuity of service with little to no manual intervention.

Built on a Role-Based Access Control approach , each user is assigned a role with a specific set of permission for each group of devices. When an event is triggered, all users are informed via customised notifications.

Users can also monitor the devices they are in charge of and get full access to useful metrics, including the Signal Score, an easy-to-understand representation of the signal quality using all telemetry data available such as the number of base stations that received the message, their average RSSI, etc.

SCALABLE: A Ready-to-Scale Solution

UnaConnect is a serverless solution. The power and scalability of the cloud allow UnaConnect to grow limitlessly to accommodate a virtually unlimited number of devices in your fleet.

UnaConnect can absorb a burst of millions of simultaneous messages thanks to its ability to scale up instantly.

Currently using AWS, UnaConnect will transform into a multi-cloud solution gaining in adaptability and expandability.

OPEN: Power to Developers

UnaConnect gives to developers the freedom to use its GraphQL API to perform any action.

Our open API allows the power of UnaConnect to transform your enterprise systems into an IoT-ready infrastructure with minimal programming.

This API gives access to the same functionalities as UnaConnect Console or UnaConnect mobile application.

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