The IoT Value Chain

UnaBiz wears multiple hats in the IoT Value Chain.

We are here to help you navigate the minefield of IoT networks and protocols with our expertise in Low-Power Wide Area Network (link to 0G) and Cloud Platform Services. By leveraging on our global network of IoT experts we can accelerate your Product Development Process with our capabilities in Product Design and Manufacturing.

The IoT marketplace is complex and we are here to help businesses simplify and capitalise on the power of massive IoT in their own field.


Cloud migration and mobility have transformed the way businesses operate. Network-as-a-service (NaaS) is a modern solution to today’s network challenges. Businesses no longer need to invest heavily on network infrastructure to scale up as these needs are now available to all enterprises as a service. 

From networking resources, to security and application services, let us do the heavy lifting and take the load off your mind on maintenance and management.

Product Design & Manufacturing

Have an idea that can revolutionize your industry? Let us help! 

We help device makers transform their prototypes into actual industrial grade products. From product design to mass production, we can accelerate your product development process and manufacturing needs with our first-in-class hardware expertise based in Taiwan.

The Network

Enter the 0G World with Sigfox.

Sigfox is the most widespread Low Power Wide Area Network Worldwide.

UnaBiz operates the first global 0G network powered by Sigfox in Singapore and Taiwan. Access and accelerate your IoT project in more than 65 countries worldwide. See the 0G global coverage map.

UnaBiz coverage for the Sigfox 0G Network starts at SG$1 per device per year.

94% outdoor coverage in Taiwan

98% outdoor coverage in Singapore

We work hard everyday to provide the best Sigfox coverage, please contact us if you are having connectivity issues.

5G vs 0G infographic