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1st IoT dedicated Network Operator in Asia

Unabiz is the first licensed IoT operator and the official Sigfox operator in Singapore and Taiwan. Our mission is to provide IoT services such as a Sigfox connectivity in both countries, IoT solutions from around the world or created by us, and enabled by our network. On top of that, UnaBiz helps businesses harness the potential of IoT in their own field by offering professional consultations to startups and corporations who wants to be the leader in the industry. UnaBiz is committed to helping partners and IoT innovators develop devices and solutions that can make everyday life simpler and better. Come make the world a better place with us!


Have an idea that can revolutionize your industry? Let us help! We can provide technical assistance to make your concept an actual product, using the industry’s best hardware and cloud platforms.


New to SIGFOX Technology? We can organise on-boarding sessions with our experts, covering matters ranging from technology to business model transformation.


Got a product and want to make it SIGFOX-ready? Need to transform your prototype into an actual industrial grade product? We can address your manufacturing needs, from selecting the best fitting players to day-to-day project management.

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