Network-as-a-service (NaaS) is a modern solution to today’s network challenges

Flexibility and Dynamism: The Rise of Network-as-a-service

Cloud migration and mobility have transformed the way businesses operate. As business demands from network communication service providers (CSPs) continue to evolve, Network-as-a-service (Naas) has emerged as the answer for enterprises to keep up with ever-changing business requirements, new business applications and rapid changes in technologies and security threats.

Businesses no longer need to invest heavily on network infrastructure to scale up as these needs are now available to all enterprises as-a-service.

The do-it-yourself approach has been preferred for decades now. But digital transformation efforts sweeping through enterprises worldwide and the shift to cloud has caused businesses to rethink of this approach. In this rapidly changing atmosphere, most enterprises cannot afford to take the time to build and maintain their networks by themselves if they want to keep up with their competition and customers’ expectations.

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NaaS enables businesses to focus on core business needs instead of being occupied with building, maintaining and updating their network infrastructure and related applications endlessly. 

Networks act as the backbone that bring the IoT to life and make it all possible. Since there is no one (network) solution to all problems, UnaBiz provides a range of different LPWA network services that best fit your business needs in Capacity, Speed, Latency, or Reliability.


Enter the 0G World with Sigfox.

The 0G is the most widespread Low Power Wide Area Network Worldwide, deployed in over 70 countries.

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Pioneered by Sigfox, 0G (Zero-G) is a LPWA IoT networking protocol delivering low cost, low power consumption with the longest range. It has been adopted by all 0G Network Operators as a global standard.

Learn more about Sigfox cloud infrastructure

Singapore Sigfox coverage

This IoT-dedicated global network unites 55 Sigfox Operators around the world to form the 0G United Nations – the association of the 0G Network Operators who together provide the only global 0G Network, powered by Sigfox technology.

Taiwan Sigfox coverage

We work hard everyday to provide the best Sigfox coverage, please contact us if you are having connectivity issues.

UnaBiz owns and operates the Sigfox 0G Network in Singapore & Taiwan and is a founding member of 0G United Nations. Access and accelerate your IoT project now with UnaBiz.

Contact us to get connectivity in Singapore or Taiwan.


LPWAN today also consists of cellular (licensed band) network such as LTE-M and NB-IoT.

With a much higher data rate than Sigfox, LTE-M offers a good complement for specific use cases that requires higher bandwidth or mobile and roaming applications as it provides accurate localisation data. However, the cost and power consumption of LTE-M based devices could be higher compared to Sigfox.

Read about our client’s success with a combination of Sigfox and LTE-M network.


Need to roam globally on cellular connectivity?

Global SIM cards are more readily available for LPWAN networks like Sigfox and LTE-M. Enjoy out-of-the-box IoT SIM card designed for low data IoT and M2M consumption.
SORACOM is the most cost efficient pay-as-you-go mobile data service that connect across networks, from 2G, 3G, 4G LTE cellular to Cat M1.


Complementing both cellular and non-cellular terrestrial network, satellite connectivity is especially useful for applications in asset tracking, maritime, utilities, agriculture, and construction.

UnaBiz has partnered New Space Industry partners to offer reliable, consistent and seamless Global connectivity for your needs.

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