UnaBiz Singapore Launches Hybrid Floor Wetness Solution with Edge-Computing to prevent falls in washrooms

Wednesday, 19 June 2024, Singapore – UnaBiz, Massive Internet of Things (IoT) service provider and integrator, proudly announces the launch of its innovative Hybrid Floor Wetness Sensor with Machine Learning capabilities. This advanced solution is designed to help prevent falls in washrooms due to wet floors by triggering timely cleaning interventions.

The hybrid sensor solution transmits data through either the Sigfox 0G network or LoRaWAN, making it highly adoptable by all existing customers and beyond. Users just need to choose a preferred communication network during deployment. 

Manual monitoring is impossible as water is transparent and hard to spot on, especially on large floor areas. Using thermal sensors, this solution detects temperature differences to monitor wet floors 24/7. The sensor reports four critical events to prompt cleaning and maintenance actions.: 

  1. Floor is normal,  
  2. Floor is wet,
  3. Floor is cleaned,
  4. Someone fell down.  

This cutting-edge solution utilises edge computing and AI to analyse washroom floors in real time, enabling facilities managers to take immediate action. Developed in-house by UnaBiz Singapore, the product leverages collected washroom data to train a predictive model. The sensor uses thermal imaging to gather floor temperature data, analyzes it locally, and only sends the final information to the cloud. This ensures anonymous monitoring with no privacy issues. Additionally, this accident prevention solution can reduce insurance liability.

Real-time monitoring and alerts significantly enhance safety and efficiency in facilities management. The potential for expansion into other use cases through additional machine learning applications makes this sensor a versatile tool for other use cases in various sectors.

Calvin Foo, Director of Ecosystem of UnaBiz Singapore, commented on the launch, “Our Hybrid Floor Wetness Sensor is a game-changer in facilities management. By combining thermal imaging, AI, and edge computing, we are delivering a solution that addresses the immediate needs of our customers – facility management companies that manage shopping malls, offices or public spaces. This significantly reduces the risk of slippage and severe accidents, particularly for the elderly in Singapore, due to the ageing demographic.”

Remi Lorrain, VP of Convergence at UnaBiz added, “Following the successful implementations of Sigfox and LoRa at both the device firmware (dual stack) and middleware (UnaConnect device management) levels, UnaBiz continues to break down barriers to LPWAN Convergence by offering comprehensive hybrid solutions that leverage the strengths of both the Sigfox and LoRa ecosystems.

The Hybrid Floor Wetness Sensor will be launched at CleanEnviro Summit Singapore 2024, a biennial event organized by Singapore’s National Environment Agency. The summit brings together thought leaders, industry captains, and policymakers to discuss solutions for enabling a sustainable and clean environment.

For more information on contact UnaBiz Singapore Team at [email protected].