UnaBiz Sets New Record for high-quality WiFi-Geolocation Services accuracy with Over 90% Success Rate delivered by AI-Enhanced Sigfox Atlas WiFi service

Tuesday, 4 June 2024, France – UnaBiz, Massive Internet of Things (IoT) service provider and integrator, announces a remarkable milestone: achieving over 90% geolocation success rate with the evolution of its Sigfox Atlas Wifi service, now enhanced with Machine Learning (ML). This achievement reinforces UnaBiz’s commitment to innovation and its focus on providing the most energy and resource-efficient Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) solutions for the Logistics & Supply Chain industry. The high success rate is exceptional given that Wifi geolocation success rate in the industry typically falls below 70% in some regions, posing a significant challenge for large-scale asset tracking projects. This enhanced service will be progressively rolled out across all 70 territories where the 0G Network is currently available, starting 30 June 2024.

The latest product upgrade is a direct response to customer feedback and industry pain points, driving the UnaBiz R&D team to push the boundaries of WiFi geolocation technology. Traditionally, it is both challenging and costly for geolocation providers to scan all WiFi Access Points. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and activating the built-in Machine Learning (ML) module, UnaBiz has developed a revolutionary upgrade: Access Point Machine Learning, enhancing the capabilities of its Atlas WiFi geolocation system. 

Key Benefits to Customers: 

  1. Enhanced Geolocation Success Rate: An improved success rate allows customers to achieve even more accurate and precise geolocation positioning of their assets without additional resources or new infrastructure deployment. 
  2. Cost Efficiency: Instead of switching to higher-cost hardware alternatives like GPS trackers, which entail significant expenses, customers can continue to rely on their existing hardware devices to enjoy this more precise AI-enhanced WiFi-based tracking solution.  

KYOCERA Communication Systems Co., Ltd. (KCCS) was among the first to test the new AI-enhanced service in Japan.

Naoki Kawai, Division Manager, Wireless Solutions Division at KCCS, “Since the adoption of the AI-enhanced Sigfox Atlas Wifi ML service, our geolocation success rate has increased from 62% to 92%. We’re excited to promote this new service to our customers and look forward to continuing our strategic partnership with UnaBiz in Japan’s Logistics and Supply Chain sector and beyond.”

Alexis Susset, CTO of UnaBiz Group, stated: “The widespread coverage of Sigfox 0G Network enables GeoLocation Data network effects which, combined with AI-driven innovation, has enabled us to increase our positioning success rates to levels beyond 90% in all regions we have tested. This distinctive capability of our global operators ecosystem and our best-in-class Total Cost of Ownership further establishes UnaBiz Sigfox 0G Technology as the de facto standard for energy-efficient, high-accuracy asset tracking.” 

Henri Bong, CEO of UnaBiz Group added, “UnaBiz remains dedicated to the continuous improvement and innovation of the Sigfox 0G technology while maintaining unparalleled service quality. Driven by the principle of “Less is More”, this upgrade allows customers to enjoy the benefits of a higher geolocation success rate without having to switch to more expensive, energy and resource-intensive alternatives like GPS trackers. This approach reduces operational costs and minimizes the environmental impact associated with manufacturing and deploying new infrastructure, aligning with sustainable business practices.”

For more information on Sigfox Atlas Wifi ML, visit https://www.sigfox.com/services/atlas or https://build.sigfox.com/geolocation-sigfox-atlas