UnaBiz Introduces Family 4.0 at CES 2019 (內附中文)

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9 January 2019 – UnaBiz, in collaboration with IPAL CNRS, Omate, and LITE-ON, introduces Family 4.0 Initiative at the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest technology tradeshow, held this year in Las Vegas from 8 to 11 January 2019.

The first IoT dedicated network operator in Asia launched the “Family 4.0 Initiative” under ENGIE’s Innovation booth at Eureka Park. Dedicating the entire week to “Family”, UnaBiz announced 4 essential IoT Sigfox-Ready solutions to equip users with the latest and simplest technologies to ensure Health, Safety and Security of the most vulnerable members of their family – the young and the elderly.

UnaBiz and IPAL CNRS will showcase an Eldercare Smart Monitoring System that consists of lightweight, affordable sensors that can be easily deployed to track the living habits of elderly persons in their respective households. The system incorporates security and measures to alert caregivers to ensure the safety of these senior occupants without impeding on their privacy or independence.


Out of home, UnaBiz collaborates with Omate to launch an affordable and energy efficient smartwatch – the Omate O6S, to further reinforce the health and safety needs of seniors. The smartwatch boasts an impressive 30-day battery life and can be used to send SOS alerts in the event of emergencies via the Sigfox network. This allows the wearers’ loved ones to locate them in real-time via a mobile app. Equipped with a magnetic charger, the Omate O6S is available in Q2 of 2019.

For the young ones, UnaBiz pairs up with LITE-ON to launch a Child Protection Device with an alarm function that allows young children to be located immediately in case of emergency, and a new Consumer GPS tracker the size of a credit card that can be easily inserted into any wallet.

“At UnaBiz, family always comes first. In this digital age, we want to pursue an inclusive society for both the young and the elderly, where the vulnerable do not get left behind. As an IoT operator, we believe our role is to empower IoT with the right purpose. Together with our ecosystem partners, we are trying to slowly, but surely, change the world, and the first step is to bring a peace of mind to you and your loved ones.” said Henri Bong, CEO and co-founder of UnaBiz.




IPAL CNRS is a public institution dedicated to higher education, research and innovation in engineering and digital technologies. The institution is under the authority of the French Minister for Industry and Electronic Communication. The academic team combines scientific experts from the research community and the healthcare sector both in France and in Singapore.

In the framework of this project, IMT associated with NUS (National University of Singapore), has a strong AI, IoT and Data analytics expertise applied to digital health in both research with international collaborations, education for teaching activities, and innovation working closely with industry. This project is part of the SILVER research program (Singapore Innovative Living Environment) being developed under the coordination of Mounir Mokhtari in Singapore, in close collaboration with NUS, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), local governmental agencies (National Research Foundation, A*STAR, Ministry of Health, Housing Development Board, etc.) and hospitals (Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, National University Hospital, etc.).”


About Omate

Omate is the brand of Omahome a hardware and software design company with significant expertise in smart wearable technology and IoT. Since inception in 2013, Omahome has quickly established its global market leadership in the standalone telecom wearable industry and brand recognition with Omate. Omahome is the sole partner of Omate wearables. Omahome has established partnerships with some of the largest telecare, security and insurance companies in the World. Omahome provides tools from design to engineering to companies interested in developing wearable technologies, activity data and relevant analytics.evant analytics.
For more information please visit: or contact [email protected]
Omate products are trademarks of Omate Inc.


About LITE-ON Technology Corp.

LITE-ON is the first technology company listed in Taiwan and accredited “Top 100 Global Technology Leaders” by Thomson Reuters in 2018. The company has been steadily continuing its foray into five key IoT application fields, including cloud computing, LED and outdoor lighting, automotive electronics, industrial automation and smart healthcare.

UnaBiz在CES 2019推出居家照護計畫 (Family 4.0)


2019年1月9日 –  台灣物聯網電信商優納比(UnaBiz)聯合法國國家科學研究中心CNRS旗下實驗室IPAL、深圳知名智慧手錶新創公司Omate以及國內知名大廠光寶科技合作,在今年CES國際大展推出 “家庭4.0” 產品系列 (Family 4.0)。

亞洲第一家物聯網專用網路營運商優納比公司(UnaBiz),在全球能源領導企業ENGIE於CES 2019的創新展區上推出了”家庭4.0” 產品系列, 產品宗旨為減輕家庭照顧者的身心壓力與負擔。UnaBiz宣布將推出3種Sigfox物聯網解決方案,為使用者提供最新、最簡單的技術,以確保最需要被照護的家庭成員的健康與安全。




全球第一套 “0G”智慧手錶 -30天不用充電,具備 GPS定位、計步器及緊急求救功能

UnaBiz與Omate共同推出經濟實惠的節能智慧手錶–Omate O6S,是LPWAN無線技術與穿戴式裝置的首次結合,產品宗旨為進一步加強老年人的健康和安全需求。Omate O6S智慧手錶具有30天的電池續航力,還可通過Sigfox網路在緊急情況下發送SOS警報,內建定位功能可讓使用者的家人直接透過手機APP得知發送警報的位置。Omate O6S配備磁性充電器,將於2019年第2季上市。



UnaBiz首席執行長兼聯合創辦人Henri Bong提到,在UnaBiz,家庭永遠擺在第一順位。我們希望在數位時代中,為老年人及兒童建立一個包容性的社會,第一步是讓您和您所愛的人能夠安心,同時也希望能一併照顧到弱勢團體。我們相信UnaBiz的角色能為物聯網應用提供一個正確的途徑,並與我們的生態圈合作夥伴一起努力、堅定地改變世界。



法國國立高等礦業電信學校聯盟Institut Mines-Telecom(IMT)是IPAL實驗室成員,由全法國12所高等電信學校組成,致力於工程和數位技術的高等教育、研究和創新的公共機構。該機構由法國工業和電子通信部長授權,學術團隊結合了法國及新加坡研究領域和醫療保健產業的科學專家。
2018年IMT與新加坡國立大學NUS合作,為新加坡國家SILVER研究計劃之一, 在Mounir Mokhtari教授的協調下,聯合新加坡國立大學、新加坡科技與設計大學(SUTD)、地方政府機構(國家研究基金會, A * STAR,衛生部,住宅開發委員會等)和醫院(Khoo Teck Puat醫院、國立大學醫院等)共同合作,實現物聯網智慧居家的應用。IPAL是法國國家科學研究中心CNRS的旗下研究室,2018年在星加坡與法國的新創合作年與新加坡政府及學術界有多項合作。

關於 Omate
Omate為深圳新創公司Omahome創立的知名穿戴式產品品牌,是一家硬體和軟體設計公司,在智慧穿戴技術和物聯網方面擁有豐富的專業知識,也與小米共同合作專案。自2013年成立以來,Omahome迅速在穿戴式裝置的行業裡建立了全球市場領導地位,為 Omate品牌建立了全球知名度。Omahome與世界上一些最大的遠距護理、安全和保險公司都有合作關係。Omahome提供有興趣開發穿戴式技術與健康數據相關分析的公司,從設計到工程的工具。
更多訊息請參閱: ,或與我們聯繫:[email protected]

關於光寶科技 LITE-ON Technology Corp.
光寶科技LITE-ON是台灣知名的上市科技公司,於2018年被湯森路透(Thomson Reuters)授予“全球技術領先100強”的評價。該公司一直穩健推進五大關鍵物聯網應用領域,包括雲端計算、LED和戶外照明、汽車電子、工業自動化及智慧醫療。



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