The company’s mission is to Unite People and Technology to Create Impact on a Massive Scale. People always come first at UnaBiz – People who invested their time, energy, and money to make sure that we became a successful venture. This multi-cultural international team you see here is built upon mutual respect, with a single goal in mind – to simplify the world and remove the hurdles and barriers of technology adoption. We want to build bridges and open access across industries and technologies.

una for all all for una


Henri Bong

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Philippe Chiu

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Davy Lassagne


Jonathan Tan

Managing Director Singapore

Yadia Colindres

Deputy CTO

Carter Ho

Managing Director Taiwan

Pascal Gerbert-Gaillard

Managing Director Japan

Singapore Team

Si Hui Yeo

Finance Director

Calvin Foo

Solutions Director

HuiZhe Lim

Partner Manager

Alain Dupuis

VP Industrial Development

Shuhui Fu

Head of Communications

Ain Norman

Marketing Manager

Pohee Loh


Shuyun Lim

Assistant Finance Manager

Taiwan Team

jerry chou office picture jerry chou hover gif

Jerry Chou

Network Operations Director

Jasmine Lin

Finance Director

Michael Chang

Supply Chain Director

Elliott Yang

Head of Hardware Engineering

Stanley Chiang

General Administration Director

Kevin Huang

VP of Product Marketing

Alex Hong

Executive Assistant

Amélie Sarragozi

Project Manager Lead

Melissande Nzali

Project Manager

Tony Chai

Project Manager

anita lin office picture anita lin hover gif

Anita Lin

Project Manager

Rex Chuang

Mechanical Engineer

Shawn Liao

Mechanical Engineer

arthur huang office picture arthur huang hover gif

Arthur Huang

Antenna Engineer

Gavin Chien

Firmware Engineer

ivy yang office picture ivy yang hover gif

Ivy Yang

Firmware Engineer

michael chien office picture michael chien hover gif

Michael Chien

Firmware Engineer

David Liu

Testing Engineer

fanny lin office picture fanny lin hover gif

Fanny Lin

Senior Firmware Testing Engineer

Jamison Hsu

Firmware Testing Engineer

Will Yeh

Industrial Designer

Valentin Kao

Software Engineering Lead

Quentin Noel

Fullstack Software Engineer

ChinWei Hsu

Frontend Developer

arlie yang office picture arlie yang hover gif

Arlie Yang

Data Engineer

Antoine Vivies

DevOps Engineer

shelly liu office picture shelly liu hover gif

Shelly Liu

Patent Engineer

abby lien office picture abby lien hover gif

Abby Lien

Senior Quality Engineer

chloe lo office picture chloe lo hover gif

Chloe Lo

Quality and Reliability Manager

Aaron Hu

Engineering Project Manager

Katrina Yang

Engineering Project Manager

LiangYu Chen office picture liangyu chen hover gif

LiangYu Chen

NPI Manager

renata lung office picture renata lung hover gif

Renata Lung

Engineering & Procurement Coordinator

Una Chen

ERP & Process Manager

nancy chang office picture nancy chang hover gif

Nancy Chang

Procurement Manager

nina fang office picturenina fang hover gif

Nina Fang

Stock Clerk

maxime hsu office picturemaxime hsu hover gif

Maxime Hsu

Supply Chain Intern

albert chen office picture albert chen hover gif

Albert Chen

Product Manager

guillaume pigeard office picture guillaume pigeard hover gif

Guillaume Pigeard

Solutions Architect

tina lee office picture tina lee hover gif

Tina Lee

UI/UX Designer

mark liu office picture mark liu hover gif

Mark Liu

Network Operations Engineer

irene chen office picture irene chen hover gif

Irene Chen

Network Development Manager

Michael Francis

Systems Manager

Lawrence Chuang

After Sale

Nicolas Baele

Global Solutions Specialist

Joanne Chung

Sales Coordinator

Joanne Tsai

Business Development Taiwan

Lily Hou

PR Manager

Clémence Grignon

Web Digital Manager

Regina Tai

Human Resources Specialist

alina chuang office picture alina chuang hover gif

Alina Chuang


Lucia Chen

Legal Manager

jeff liang office picture jeff liang hover gif

Jeff Liang

Billing Manager

jean chen office picture jean chen hover gif

Jean Chen

Financial Specialist

zoe liu office picture zoe liu hover gif

Zoe Liu

Accounting Clerk