unabell stick

One button, endless applications

Use it as a request button, order button, panic button or emergency button.

Cost Efficient

From USD1 per device per month

Low Power

The battery last more than 10 000 clicks

magic wand


Show your own branding and message

bullseye icon

Fuss Free

No wifi. No SIM card. Stick and use.

platform icon

Assisted Integration

Optional Cloud/API/APIP integration

unabell round

All-in-one device

Pushing the button triggers customisable notifications to alert self-defined recipients via API and web callbacks for specific business needs
Rich notifications available (SMS, VoiceCalls, Instant Messaging, e.g. Telegram)
Powered by the seamless IoT Communication Service
Enjoy the largest IoT network powered by Sigfox

unabell press for refill

What can I do with a smart button?


Parcel Pick-up

Call Taxi

Alert Emergency

Elderly Assistance

Maintenance Repair

Crowd Management

Call Back Request

In which part of the world can UnaBell operate?


Zone 1: Europe, Oman, Iran, South Africa
Zone 2: USA, Mexico, Brazil
Zone 3: Japan, South Korea
Zone 4: Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Colombia Argentina

world map