Achieve Green Mark Certification and Minimise Environmental Impact with UnaBiz’s Smart IoT Sensors

Headstart for UnaBiz’s Sustainable Products

UnaBiz’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), People Counter, and Ammonia sensors have been awarded the Very Good rating (2-ticks) under the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certification scheme administered by the Singapore Green Building Council

Our IoT sensors help facility managers optimise building operations and make data-driven decisions to promote the efficient use of resources, while reducing carbon emissions. 

What is SGBP and Green Mark

SGBP certification is one of the key standards and benchmarks for green building products in the building and construction industry. It helps advance the built environment to one that is greener and more carbon-efficient while facilitating sustainable procurement of green building products. 

It comprises a rigorous 8-step certification process and benchmarking to ensure that sustainability is integrated from design to manufacturing to end-of-life device management.

Products certified under the SGBP scheme are highly recognised under Green Mark Scheme (Singapore’s national green building rating tool administered by Building Construction Authority launched in 2005), which allows certified products to accrue points that count towards a project’s Green Mark rating, aimed at transforming developments into more energy efficient buildings. 

Suggestions under the Green Mark points system will improve overall environmental performance of buildings. This includes indoor air-quality and comfort, renewable energy, water efficiency, waste reduction, public transport accessibility, and environmental management practices.

The assessment criteria for Green Mark certification comes with a comprehensive verification process and scoring system.

For example, under GreenMark 2021 criteria (GM: 2021), the use of SGBP certified products can score up to 3 points under CN2.2 Sustainable Products & Finishes for existing buildings.

Did you know that SGBC Certification is Accepted as Regional Green Building Rating Tools?

SGBP certification is also widely accepted by regional green building rating tools for its coverage of a product’s sustainability performance. E.g. Rating tools of Malaysia’s Real Estate & Housing Development Association (REHDA)’s GreenRE, as well as Vietnam Green Building Council’s LOTUS.

Sourcing Sustainably

SGBC maintains a Directory of Certified Products, certified for their environmental performance such as energy efficiency. Check our products in the Directory!

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