TempGuard 2

Probe Temperature Sensor

Long Battery Life

Easy to Install

Integrated Platform

Tempguard Probe Temperature Sensor


  • Remote monitoring of temperature with dual (2) probes
  • Receive alerts on temperature readings
  • Automated temperature recording
  • Send measurement every 30 mins (configurable)
  • Minimise refrigeration maintenance
  • Can be installed inside refrigerator, concrete, air duct
  • 5 years battery life with 30mins reporting interval


Size: 94mm x 94mm x 44mm
Weight: 350g
Temperature range: -40˚C to 85˚C, ± 0.5˚C
067 ASA-plastic casing for indoor and outdoor
Battery Type: C 3.6V 9000 mAh (replaceable)
Certifications: CE, Sigfox Warranty: 1 year

Platform Features

  • Access through website or mobile app
  • Dashboards for all readings collected
  • Various visualization (e.g. graphs) available
  • All data collected are available and ready to be exported to Excel format
  • Get alert notification if readings cross thresholds set
  • Get notification through email or SMS
Tempguard Probe Temperature Sensor platform dashboard