StickNtrack Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker with Platform

Long Battery Life

Easy to Use

Integrated Solution

StickNtrack Asset Tracker asset tracker
StickNtrack Asset Tracker front view


  • UV stabilised
  • Water resistant
  • Venting membrane
  • Flame retardant
  • Rugged casing
  • Lid closing : Ultra: 6 screws ; Compact: sealed
  • Technologies: GPS / Beacon / WiFi / SIGFOX


Battery lifespan: est. 1.5 years with clear view of sky
Mounting options:  screws, rivets, tie-wraps, 2 sides-tapes, magnets

Ultra version:

Size: 130x72x36mm
Weight: 186 grams
Battery pack Replaceable
Water resistance: IP68 & IP69k
Battery lifespan: +5 years

Compact version:

Size: 115x54x24mm
Weight: 95 grams
Battery lifespan: +3 years

This product has been certified by EASA and FAA to be air-worthy in Q1′ 2020. The solution has received approval from British Airways of International Airlines Group (IAG) as well.  

easa logo

EASA: The device do not interfere with on-board electronic systems and equipment, especially with the aircraft’s navigation and communication systems. 

faa logo

FAA: It is safe to deploy the tracking solution onboard aircrafts as built-in mechanism using accelerometer and pressure sensor is used to switch off radio capabilities while in-flight.