Cookie Policy (EU)

This Cookies Policy was last updated on July 5th, 2023

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data (text file) that a website – when visited by a user – asks your browser to store on your device in order to remember information about you, such as your language preference or login information. Those cookies are set by us and called first-party cookies. We also use third-party cookies – which are cookies from a domain different than the domain of the website you are visiting – for our advertising and marketing efforts.

What is the lifetime of a cookie?

There are two types of cookies:

  • session cookies that disappear when you leave the website;
  • persistent cookies that remain on your terminal until the expiration of their lifespan mentioned in the section “Which cookies do we use?” below or until you delete them in accordance with the indications referred to below in the section entitled “How to configure cookies?”.

Why do we place cookies?

Some cookies used by UnaBiz have the sole purpose of enabling or facilitating electronic communication and therefore improving your experience on the UnaBiz website (to keep you logged into the website, understand how you use the website of UnaBiz).

Some cookies are used in order to analyze the traffic and the use made of the website, to be able to amend it in order to improve the browsing experience.

Finally, other cookies are used to improve the interactivity of the website and to share certain content with third parties via social media.

Which cookies do we use?

More specifically, we use cookies and other tracking technologies for the following purposes.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are technically necessary for our website to work properly. You can technically block them using your browser settings, but your experience on the site may be degraded.

These cookies are exempt from your consent.

Cookie namePurposeLifespan
Polylangpll_languageStore language settingspersistent
Google Analytics_gat_UA-*Provide technical monitoringsession
FacebookwdRead screen resolution1 week
FacebookcsmProvide fraud prevention90 days
FacebookactppresenceStore and track if the browser tab is activesession
Twitterlocal_storage_support_testProvide load balancing functionalitypersistent
LinkedInsdscProvide load balancing functionalitysession
LinkedInli_gcStore cookie consent preferences6 months
LinkedInBizographicsOptOutStore privacy preferences10 years
Hubspot__hs_cookie_cat_prefStore cookie consent preferences6 months
Hubspot__hsscStore anonymized statistics30 minutes
Hubspot*_keyStore logged in users2 weeks
Hubspoths_ab_testStore ID’s of experiments and sessions for A/B testingsession
Hubspot__hs_do_not_trackStore ‘do not track’ signals6 months
YoutubeVISITOR_INFO1_LIVEProvide bandwidth estimations6 months

Other cookies

These cookies are non-mandatory, and we will collect your consent before we use them. You can withdraw your consent and remove them at any time using the Cookies preference settings of the site/application.

Audience measurement and statistics cookies

These cookies are used to measure the audience in an aggregate and anonymous manner and produce generic statistics about the usage of our website/application. This enables us to understand better how users interact with our site/application, and to improve and adapt our services.

Cookie namePurposeLifespan
Google Analytics_gaStore and count pageviews2 years
Google Analytics_ga_*Store and count pageviews1 year
Google Analytics_gidStore and count pageviews1 day
LinkedInlms_analyticsStore and track a visitor’s identity30 days
LinkedInAnalyticsSyncHistoryStore and track visits across websites30 days
Vimeo__utmt_playerStore and track audience reach10 minutes
VimeovuidStore the user’s usage history2 years

Advertising cookies

The primary purpose of these cookies is to track user behavior and personalize their experiences accordingly.

These cookies can profile a user with information such as what phone a user is using, screen dimensions, operating system, etc. This data allows a website to completely personalize a users’ experience online and display better-targeted ads. or any other form of local storage, used to create user profiles to display advertising or to track the user on this website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes.

Our website also incorporated application buttons (plugins) to improve the interactivity of the website (e.g. “like”, “pin”) or to share certain content with third parties (e.g. “tweet”) via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This content is embedded with code derived from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and places cookies. This content might store and process certain information for personalized advertising.

Cookie namePurposeLifespan
Google Adsense_gcl_auStore and track conversionspersistent
Google Adsensegoogle_adsense_settingsProvide ad delivery or retargetingpersistent
Google FontsGoogle Fonts APIRead user IP addressexpires immediately
Google reCAPTCHArc::cRead and filter requests from botssession
Google reCAPTCHArc::bRead and filter requests from botssession
Google reCAPTCHArc::aRead and filter requests from botspersistent
Google MapsGoogle Maps APIStore if a message has been shownexpires immediately
Facebook_fbcStore last visit2 years
Facebookfbm*Store account details1 year
FacebookxsStore a unique session ID3 months
FacebookfrProvide ad delivery or retargeting3 months
FacebookactStore logged in users90 days
Facebook_fbpStore and track visits across websites3 months
FacebookdatrProvide fraud prevention2 years
Facebookc_userStore a unique user ID30 days
FacebooksbStore browser details2 years
Facebook*_fbm_Store account details1 year
Twittermetrics_tokenStore if the user has seen embedded contentpersistent
LinkedInlms_adsStore and track visits across websites30 days
LinkedIn_guidStore and track a visitor’s identity90 days
LinkedInli_alertsStore if a message has been shown1 year
LinkedInli-oatmlProvide ad delivery or retargeting1 month
LinkedInli_sugrStore and track a visitor’s identity90 days
LinkedInbcookieStore browser details1 year
LinkedInbscookieStore logged in users1 year
LinkedInlidcProvide load balancing functionality1 day
LinkedInUserMatchHistoryProvide ad delivery or retargeting30 days
LinkedInIn_orRegisters statistical data on users’ behaviour1 day
Hubspot__hstcStore time of visit13 months
HubspotmessagesUtkStore browser details13 months
Hubspot__hsmemStore logged in users1 week
Hubspoths-messages-is-openStore if a message has been shown30 minutes
WistiawistiaStore performed actions on the websitepersistent
YoutubeGPSStore location datasession
YoutubeYSCStore and track interactionsession
YoutubePREFStore user preferences8 months

For more information, please read:

Is your consent necessary?

On your first visit to our website or after expiration of their lifespan, you are asked to consent to or refuse the use of certain cookies.

Necessary cookies for the provision of online communication services are not subject to the collection of your consent.

With regard to other cookies, your choice will be materialized by the deposit of a consent or refusal cookie.

You can amend your wishes at any time as indicated in the next section entitled “How to configure cookies?”. Your new choice will then be taken into account and will prevail.

How to configure cookies?

UnaBiz allows you to choose the cookies you wish to accept and those you wish to refuse on this website. At any time, you can change your cookies preferences by clicking on “Cookies Preferences” located in the website’s left side footer.

If you deactivate cookies, you will no longer be able to benefit from certain features for which the services offer depend on the use of these same cookies.

How to delete cookies?

At any time, you can delete cookies by changing your cookies preferences by clicking on “Cookies Preferences” located in the website’s footer.

You can also configure your browser so that it does not accept cookies. The below websites explain how to delete cookies from your browser. However, in some cases, certain features of our website may not work.

You can delete cookies on your terminal at any time by following the methods mentioned below:

The deletion of cookies placed on your terminal may also result in the deletion of the settings of your choices.