Inbound Marketing Manager


  1. Build and manage marketing content (blogs, ebooks, reports, infographics, etc.) that attract the targeted audience in different verticals at different funnel stages.
  2. With an in-depth understanding of UnaBiz’s product/solution offerings and buyer personas, plan and execute campaigns for lead generation targeting specific verticals and use cases for all regional sales teams as well as Sigfox 0G Network Operators.
  3. Work collaboratively with tier-1 ecosystem partners for joint campaigns.
  4. Build and optimize marketing automation processes, including lead nurturing, qualification, assignment, and reporting with accelerated pipeline conversions.
  5. Work closely with the sales team to enhance the quality of Sales Qualified Leads.
  6. Conduct market research and competitive analysis to refine differentiated strategies.
  7. Propose any new ideas for lead generation.


– Proficiency in English.
– At least 3 years of experience in inbound marketing in the B2B global tech industry.
– Data and result-driven communication and reporting.
– Excellent communication and cross-team collaboration skills.
– The ability to always be thinking out of the box.
– Full knowledge of HubSpot is a big PLUS.

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