Front-end Developer


  1. Design and implement new features in our IoT platform and in our other web and mobile applications to help users easily manage efficiently and visualise their IoT devices and data.
  2. Write client-side code to create easy-to-use and interactive web-based applications which include websites for both desktop and mobile browsers.
  3. Optimize web applications to maximize speed and scale.
  4. Develop with efficiency and improve code quality.


– Experience in developing frontend web applications, with expertise in deep optimization of end-user experience, stability & scalability, code modularity, and rendering latency.
– Proficiency in Javascript, ES5/6, CSS, and various layouts.
– Familiarity with React or Angular or Vue or any popular frontend framework.
– Knowledge with React-native would be a big plus.
– Familiarity with RESTful APIs and GraphQL.
– Experience in solving CSS/JS multi-browser compatibility problems and front-end performance optimization.
– Experience with Babel, Webpack, or other JavaScript building tools.
– Experience in building large-scale web applications and optimizing front end performance in a fast-moving team environment.

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