The IoT Revolution is here!
Castles will fall, knights will rise.
Embark on your quest and be a part of the revolution now!
Submission for UnaX CLOSED.
Thank you.

Define how you can bring to market an IoT solution that has the potential for a massive deployment of more than a million devices in less than two years with the following criteria: 

  • Based on Sigfox connectivity
  • From concept to prototype within 3 months and prototype to market within another 6 months
  • Within a concept to market budget of less than S$100,000
  • A device with a retail price of less than S$50
  • Hardware and Software with an open API

Become a Champion at UnaX, Asia’s first Sigfox-enabled incubator programme. Under UnaX, UnaBiz Ventures and its VC partner TNB Ventures will provide the following:

  • Seed funding of up to S$100,000
  • Sigfox technology support
  • Infrastructure support including legal and admin support, IP protection and Government grant advice for the duration of the project
  • UnaBiz and TNB ecosystems, including international production centres and distribution channels, and articulation and implementation of go-to-market strategies

Submit your business plan in PowerPoint format. In 5 slides, share with us:

Slide 1, your team: describe your team members, their experience and your vision of the IoT Revolution.

Slide 2, your project: describe the overall goal of your project including the problem issue(s) you are addressing, the current state of the market you are tackling and the direction you want to take to solve this problem. Describe the demographics of your target clients and their price sensitivity.

Slide 3, your device: describe what device you will produce and use, how it interacts with its environment and what its main components are. Provide an evaluation of the manufacturing cost for this device.

Slide 4, your service: describe the end-to-end system architecture for providing the service, the various elements that will have to be developed and put into place in order for the service to be useful to the end user. Provide an overview of the project plan with a budget for the initial implementation over 6 months. Provide an evaluation of the operation cost for this service.

Slide 5, your business plan: describe the market elements and ramp-up plan to substantiate the evolution of your revenue stream and cost structure over a 5-year timeframe.

Submission CLOSED. Thank you for your participation.

It takes a village to raise a startup. Capital is just part of the equation. Entrepreneurs need access to smart capital, engineering support, mentorship & market access to be successful. TNB is building some of the best resources & strategic connections in this part of the world. We would like to extend this platform to Unabiz as we join forces to catalyse the growth of innovative startups in Singapore.

KELVIN ONG Partner, TNB Ventures