UnaBiz partners Taipei City Government to builds IoT Innovation Lab powered by Sigfox (內附中文)

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TP Smart City IoT Innovation Lab Platform Launch


Through a matching platform of Taipei Smart City Project Office, Taipei City Government has recently actively integrated with private sector to engage in innovative resources and demonstrative fields, in hopes of using wisdom and innovation to solve public problems and transform Taipei into a “Living Lab” city.

In order to make the concept of IoT be popularized in the hearts of the general public, and be able to verify in real life, Taipei City Government, the Project Office, Taiwan Dell, GemTek, Asia PacificTelecom, SIGFOX and other well-known domestic enterprises cooperated to establish “Taipei IoT Innovation Lab”. The lab was designed to serve as an experimental space for fostering new teams and to provide the necessary hardware and software for the IoT development. It is hoped that this space will help private sector create new dynamism when participating in creating a smart city.

Taipei City Government put lots of efforts to build a smart city including allowing new creative teams that have interested in participating the services through Taipei IoT Innovation Lab. Thus, more academy and Industry resources can be attracted and join in so as to making the IoT ecosystem grow in Taipei city. The results and benefits will be shared with citizens and to achieve a blueprint of Taipei smart city.


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發展智慧城市、提升物聯網產業競爭力,臺北市政府建置「臺北市物聯網實驗平台」開放城市為實驗場域,讓資通訊產業的創新應用得以在平台中被實踐,開發各種物聯網相關應用服務,加速臺灣物聯網 IoT 技術及產品的成熟與發展,透過公私協力方式,以有效的應用創新科技與資料來解決市民問題,打造智慧城市創新媒合之平台,凝聚產業與政府資源,以智慧方案解決市民需求。

臺北市物聯網實驗平台目前主要介接 LoRa、Sigfox 等各種物聯網技術,媒合產官學研提供資源給新創團體,發展物聯網及智慧城市生態系,以回應網路時代的創新敏捷性,強調使用者體驗以及使用者價值。為持續強化及提升物聯網實驗平台的服務,本實驗平台特與 UnaBiz(優納比網路公司)合作,希望導入 Sigfox 技術及應用,提供新創開發者接觸更多不同的新物聯技術,開創無限想像的服務應用。

Sigfox 通訊網路具備長距離低功耗廣域網路特色,為超窄頻通訊技術(Ultra Narrow Band),主要使用免執照的 Sub-Ghz ISM 頻段,可傳輸 12Bytes 以下的數據,其通訊範圍以人口密集地區為主,目前涵蓋台北市、新北市、桃園、新竹、台中、雲林、嘉義、台南、高雄、台東、花蓮、宜蘭等市中心區域。

臺北市物聯網實驗平台現今開放 Sigfox 帳號申請,徵件活動全面開跑,歡迎新創及開發團隊報名申請應用,敬請先行下載申請須知,相關訊息皆同步公告於臺北市物聯網平台 Line 公開帳號及臺北智慧城市專案辦公室 FB 粉絲專頁:

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