Take-Off with UnaBiz & Sigfox at InnoVEX 2018 (內附中文)


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TAIPEI, Taiwan – June 6, 2018 – by PRNewswire Since the commercial launch of Sigfox’s nationwide IoT network in Taiwan last October, UnaBiz has been accelerating the adoption of Sigfox powered IoT applications and services across a wide range of industries. This year, UnaBiz is proud to showcase innovative IoT solutions in smart parking, asset tracking, urban planning and even rodent monitoring, at InnoVEX –Asia’s Leading Startup Platform.

“We are extremely excited and privileged to co-exhibit with our local and international partners at InnoVEX this year. We have GlobalSat Worldcom (GPS trackers) and Holding Force (Smart Parking) from Taiwan; CRE8TEC (Rodent Monitoring) and PTGEM (Geo-mapping Services) from Singapore; and Sensolus (Asset Tracking) who came all the way from Belgium!”, explained Philippe Tzou, Ecosystem Director for Taiwan at UnaBiz.

Co-Exhibitor Profiles:

1) Holding Force
Holding Force is an expert in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and AutoID solutions. As the system provider of Taipei City & Taichung City road-side parking management multi-channel payment system for many years, Holding Force is now promoting a comprehensive Smart Parking Sensor & Cloud-based management and payment system that would enable local parking authorities to better manage their road-side parking resources, increase management efficiency and even improve revenue schemes.


crea8tec UnaBiz ecosystem partners2) CRE8TEC
CRE8TEC is Singapore’s first integrated rodent risk management company who developed RATSENSE — an innovative rodent monitoring system that uses sensors and data analytics to monitor rodent activity and movements, thereby providing accurate insights and location mapping for strategic placement of traps in the field. Currently deployed in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, RATSENSE is looking to uncover new opportunities in Taiwan’s environmental and health industries.


PTGEM UnaBiz ecosystem3) PTGEM
PTGEM Pte Ltd is a company developing geo-spatial artificial intelligence solutions. Geospatial technologies are at the edge of innovation in many sectors. PTGEM’s mission is to provide the highest quality products and service through the development of innovative, state-of-the-art IT development for Urban Planning and IoT. PTGEM provides SAAS solutions as well as ad-hoc services on geospatial industry in two main areas:

(1) Urban planning – PTGEM is developing SAAS products for architects and planners that want to increase their productivity with geospatial solutions, with strong interest in Sustainability and Smart Cities. PTGEM provides services to develop geo-infrastructure deployments for clients willing to use Open Source and state-of-art geo-technologies.

(2) IoT – PTGEM has developed a suite of tools for developers to visualize, analyse and integrate sensor information in both 2D and 3D, from different sources. At the moment, several POCs are under development (e.g. with Cre8tec, pest control IoT) powered by newest IoT technologies such as SIGFOX.

4) Sensolus
Sensolus is an Industrial Internet-of-Things company, based in Ghent, Belgium. Sensolus brings value to supply chain and asset monitoring processes by offering end-to-end geolocation-enabled IoT solutions.

By combining smart sensors with low-power communication networks and cloud analytics, Sensolus helps businesses lower operational costs and increases asset up- and usage time. Internationally recognized as being extremely energy-efficient, easy to install, operational scalable and very reliable in industrial environments, Sensolus has been adopted by Airbus Group or TCR, an international Ground Service Equipment operator currently present in over 140 airports. Sensolus’s Stickntrack is an end-to-end IoT tracking solution that is easy-to-install, low-power, scalable and most importantly user-friendly. It has been awarded the Gold medal in the IoT Global Awards 2018 in “Scaling Industrial IoT”.

GlobalSat UnaBiz ecosystem5) GlobalSat Worldcom
GlobalSat provides customisation for electronics. designs, system integration and software development to meet specific customer needs.

By integrating Sigfox/GPS/BLE RF electronic and communication applications, GlobalSat provides Smart Trackers and an array of Sigfox-Ready Product.

An expert in the field of GPS receivers and electronic communications, GlobalSat is dedicated to providing a myriad of services in the form of engineering design, product development and manufacturing of IoT and M2M technology solutions specifically. Its core competencies lie in location-based and edge network sensor technologies, a broad spectrum of connectivity and diversified platform services.

Visit UnaBiz at InnoVEX’s IoT Theme Pavilion to learn more about:

– How the largest luxury trunk maker in the world Louis Vuitton is using IoT to inform you if your luggage has arrived safely at any of the 70 airports worldwide,
– Why is Google Map not the only solution for visual monitoring of cars, parcels, assets in the future’s smart cities,
– What IoT solutions could Taipei and Taichung City exploring to enable smart parking,
– Why is one of the major worldwide GPS-enabled tracking device manufacturers joining the UnaBiz SIGFOX ecosystem?

The iconic B2B exhibition is happening from June 6th to 8th at the Taiwan World Trade Center – Hall 3.


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Rik VAN Droogenbroeck – Director of the Belgian Office in Taipei, Kristoff Van Ratthinghe – CEO of Sensolus, and Philippe Chiu – Co-founder of UnaBiz


台北2018年6月7日電 /美通社/ — 自去年10月在台灣推出 Sigfox 的全台物聯網網路以來,優納比(UnaBiz)一直都在加速推動眾多行業採用 Sigfox 支援的物聯網應用和服務。今年,優納比很榮幸能夠在亞洲領先的初創企業平臺 InnoVEX 上,展示智慧停車、資產追蹤、城市規劃,以及智慧除鼠的創新物聯網解決方案。

優納比台灣生態圈總監鄒宏平 Philippe Tzou) 對此解釋說:「我們非常高興,也很榮幸能夠在今年的InnoVEX 展會上與我們的當地和國際合作夥伴聯合參展。我們的合作夥伴包括來自台灣的環天世通科技(Sigfox 定位系統硬體商)和宇鴻系統科技(智慧停車系統整合商);來自新加坡的 CRE8TEC(智慧除鼠系統)和 PTGEM(地址製圖客製化與定位後台);來自比利時的 Sensolus(物聯網 GPS 定位平台)也搶在主題館亮相!」


1)  宇鴻系統科技

宇鴻系統科技是 ITS 和 AutoID 解決方案領域的專業公司。該公司多年來一直都是台北市和台中市路邊停車管理多管道支付系統的系統提供商,現在宣導採用綜合智慧停車感測器,以及基於雲端的管理和支付系統,這些新產品將能支援當地停車主管部門更好地管理他們的路邊停車資源,提升管理效率,甚至是改進增收計劃。


CRE8TEC 是新加坡首家綜合鼠情風險管理公司,該公司開發的創新型鼠情監測系統 RATSENSE 利用感測器和數據分析,監測鼠類的活動與運動,並且為戰略性的現場放置捕鼠器提供準確的洞察分析和位置圖。RATSENSE 目前已在新加坡、馬來西亞和澳洲部署,並且正在台灣發現環境和衛生行業的新機會。


PTGEM Pte Ltd 是一家開發地理空間人工智慧解決方案的公司。地理空間技術如今在許多領域都處於創新前端。PTGEM 的使命是透過為城市規劃和物聯網開發創新型先進 IT 產品,提供最高品質的產品和服務。PTGEM 目前在以下兩大領域提供地理空間行業方面的 SAAS 解決方案和專門服務:

  1. 城市規劃:PTGEM 正在為建築師和規劃師開發 SAAS 產品,這些建築師和規劃師想要利用地理空間解決方案來提升生產效率,並且對可持續發展和智慧城市興趣濃厚。PTGEM 能夠為願意使用開源和先進地理技術的客戶,提供開發地理設施部署方面的服務。
  2. 物聯網:PTGEM 已經開發了一套工具,為可以看到、分析與整合來自不同來源的2D和3D感測器資訊。同時,在像SIGFOX這樣的最新物聯網技術的驅動下,多項 POC 也在開發之中(例如與Cre8tec共同開發除蟲物聯網)。

4) Sensolus

Sensolus 是一家總部位於比利時 Ghent 的一家 Industrial Internet-of-Things 公司。透過提供端到端地理位置支持型物聯網解決方案,Sensolus 能夠為供應鏈和資產監測流程創造價值。

透過結合智慧感測器和低功率消耗通訊網路與雲端分析,Sensolus可以幫助企業降低運營成本,增加資產正常執行時間和使用時間。Sensolus 在工業環境中非常節能、容易安裝、可以伸縮操作、非常可靠,並且因此獲得國際認可,Airbus Group/目前活躍於140多個機場的國際地面服務設備運營商TCR一直都在使用 Sensolus 的技術。Sensolus 的 Stickntrack 是一種端到端物聯網追蹤解決方案,這款解決方案易於安裝,功率消耗低,可伸縮,最重要的是對用戶友好。甫獲得2018年「國際物聯網獎」中「工業物聯網應用獎」金牌得主。

5) 環天世通科技


透過整合 Sigfox/GPS/低功率消耗 BLE RF 電子和通訊應用,環天能夠提供智慧追蹤系統和一系列能夠採用 Sigfox 技術的產品。

作為 GPS 接收器和電子通訊方面的專業公司,環天致力於專門提供物聯網與 M2M 技術解決方案工程設計、產品開發和製造方面的多元化服務。該公司的核心能力是位置型和邊緣網路感測器技術,能夠提供多種連線性和多元化平臺服務。


造訪優納比在 InnoVEX 上的物聯網主題展館,可以詳細了解:
  1. 全球最大的奢華箱包製造商 Louis Vuitton 如何利用物聯網,在全球70個機場告知用戶其行李是否安全抵達
  2. 為什麼 Google Map 不是未來智慧城市中唯一能夠對汽車、包裹和資產進行視覺化監測的解決方案
  3. 台北和台中市探索用什麼樣的物聯網解決方案來支持智慧停車
  4. 為什麼一家全球大型 GPS 支援型追蹤設備製造商加入優納比的SIGFOX 生態圈

6月6日至8日,標誌性 B2B 展會 InnoVEX 將在台灣世貿三館舉行。