UnaBiz launches IoT in Aerospace Business Unit

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Singapore –  22 February 2018 – by Shuhui Fu  UnaBiz, a selected partner of Airbus in Singapore to advance research in the digitalisation of aircraft maintenance operations through the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, announced the launch of its Aerospace Business Unit at the Singapore Airshow 2018.

Exhibiting at the bi-annual event for the first time, UnaBiz showcased breakthrough innovation for Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) capabilities in three areas:

  1. Ground Service Equipment,
  2. Tool Management,

  3. Remote Monitoring of Parts.

Civil aviation is one of the most asset-intensive industries in the world. As the pioneer for end-to-end IoT solutions in Asia, UnaBiz will design, develop and implement IoT solutions for aerospace.

Firstly, UnaBiz helped MRO companies implement low-cost geolocation capabilities for Ground Service Equipment (GSE) with Sigfox’s Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN). By improving the traceability of ground assets, ground handling operations will run more efficiently, reducing downtime. Usage pattern and vital signs of GSE can then be further analysed on a dedicated platform. This significantly eliminates potential breakdowns through predictive maintenance.

Together with Henchman, a leading provider of RFID-less tool tracking equipment, UnaBiz has developed a connected toolbox that provides real-time status update of maintenance tools. Technicians can be promptly alerted when tools are missing, cutting down time and resources wasted on search. Moreover, additional safety can be achieved by matching tool movement information with digital job cards. Technicians can also be advised to utilise the right tools for the task on hand.

Lastly, low-cost trackers on aircraft parts provide all parties with visibility of the parts’ whereabouts and their handling condition. Shocks, vibrations, storage temperature and all tasks performed on the parts can be supervised and automatically recorded. Remote monitoring of parts gives all stakeholders the assurance that their supply chain is intact. It ensures smooth running of the maintenance and the timely release of the aircraft. When implemented in conjunction with Aircraft Health Monitoring System (AHMS), overall MRO performance can be elevated.

Alain Dupuis, VP of Industrial Development and Head of IoT Solutions for Aerospace at UnaBiz said “All MRO companies are aware that any improvement in asset tracking and maintenance can potentially yield significant operational cost savings. At UnaBiz, we strive to bundle low-cost sensors, low-power wide-area network, high-performance platforms with user-friendly applications to tackle the challenges MROs are facing. Our approach and project methodology are highly scalable and are designed to fulfil our customer’s requirements with a fast return on investment in mind. ”

Formerly from Airbus, Alain brings a wealth of experience in research and innovation in the digitalisation of the aerospace industry. Prior to that, Alain was involved in the design and development of solutions for the digitalisation of industrial processes and manufacturing with Olympus Corp. Combining his experience in industrial design and innovation in aeronautics, Alain is determined to usher in a new era of innovation for MRO with IoT.


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