Strategic alliances with UnaBiz to pave Internet of Things infrastructure

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UnaBiz seals 12 ecosystem partnerships to ready Singapore’s Internet of Things infrastructure on SIGFOX

UnaBiz seals several strategic alliances before the launch of the Internet of Things (IoT) network in Singapore and will be one of Singapore Smart Nation pioneering drivers

SINGAPORE – October 17, 2016 – UnaBiz seals over 12 ecosystem partnerships across the different segments with many more partnerships in discussions before the launch of their network in Singapore. UnaBiz sees themselves as one of the pioneering drivers as Singapore rolls out its Smart Nation initiative.

In a statement today, UnaBiz said it has already sealed more than 12 ecosystems partnerships within a few months even before the launch of their network in Singapore with many more partnerships in discussions. They will be signing many more partnerships with manufacturers, large SI, specialized IoT companies, telecommunication operators, enterprise end-users and institutions of higher learning which will be joining partners such as Kyocera to explore and deliver innovative solutions and infrastructure to support business enterprises and Singapore Government Smart Nation initiative.

Henri Bong, CEO of UnaBiz, notes that the Internet of Things will have a profound impact on the way citizens live, work, play and learn:

Internet of Things connectivity plays an integral part of Singapore’s enterprises and supports the business enterprises and Singapore Government’s Smart Nation initiative. We anticipate there will be an exponential growth of demand to connect a multitude of millions of devices over a simple, low cost, low power and long range network on our IoT ecosystem. 

UnaBiz is committed to deliver a nation-wide IoT network on SIGFOX and continues to pursue leading technologies with our partners as we pave the way towards the new connected ecosystem supporting the Singapore Government’s Smart Nation initiative. It is imperative that we work with a myriad of different ecosystem partners to deliver solutions to customer and build long term strategic alliances with our partners through thorough product and industrial trainings and support. We are consistently looking to foster great partnerships. Many partners are in discussion with us, and more will be announced. 

We are extremely delighted to work closely with our partner Kyocera and we have more than 11 partners which we will announce shortly. There are many more partners onboarding with us to continuously deliver innovative solutions to our market which will definitely be an exciting journey where we are working towards improving the lives of everyday people.

This marks an extremely exciting journey through this strategic alliance forged between UnaBiz and Kyocera Communication Systems to bring about innovative solutions as pioneers and leaders of the industry! We are confident that this will enhance our proposition to address emerging trends where we create new value through total customer satisfaction in price, quality, service and delivery.” says Shigeo Oshima, MD, Kyocera Communication Systems Singapore.

About KYOCERA Communication Systems Co

KYOCERA Communication Systems Co., Ltd (KCCS) began operations in 1995 as an information and communication systems company. KCCS and her group companies cover the following four major domains: information platforms, communication infrastructures, harmonized economy and ecology infrastructures, as well as management platforms for companies.

KCCS magnifies the synergies created by overlapping business domains, thereby generating new business and to improve customers’ profitability.

KYOCERA Communications Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd. (KCSG), a business unit of KCCS, is established in 2013 and have experienced rapid growth by leveraging on the IoT Strategic initiative. With a wide customer base in ASEAN region, KCSG remains committed and passionate in driving productivity, as well as staying abreast of technology advancement.

The mission, to exceed the expectations of customers and create new value to help them succeed even more, has always reinforce KYOCERA Group Philosophy based on “Doing the right thing as a human being”. Alongside the Amoeba Management, a unique business administration method, the ideology of the Group Philosophy and Administration management method allows the Group to contribute to the dynamic advances of client firms and the development of society, whether in Japan or overseas. The motto is “Faster, deeper and newer than what is expected.”



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