UnaBiz’s smart button for IoT

Low Cost Connectivity – From USD1 per month per device
Press for Confirmation or Cancellation
Low Power – 10,000 clicks
Customisable Branding
Fuss Free – No WiFi. No SIM Card. No Set Up
Flexible Price Model & Optional Cloud/App/API Integration
UnaBell round
Enhance brand recall with Custom Branding
UnaBell stick
Simple User Interface – One physical button with a colored LED indicator

Experience Out-of-the-Box connectivity with UnaBiz’s Smart Button, powered by Sigfox

ALL-IN-ONE: Device + App + Cloud

  • Pushing the button triggers customisable notifications to alert self-defined recipients via API and web callbacks for specific business needs
  • Rich notifications available (SMS, VoiceCalls, Instant Messaging…)
  • Powered by the seamless IoT Communication Service
  • Enjoy the largest IoT Network powered by Sigfox

In which part of the world will UnaBell operate?

  1. ZONE 1 – Europe, Oman, Iran, South Africa
  2. ZONE 2 – USA, Mexico, Brazil
  3. ZONE 3 –  Japan, South Korea
  4. ZONE 4 – Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Colombia, Argentina.


What can I do with a smart button?



For customers who regularly order pizzas. Just pre-program your favorite pizzas down to your very preference of toppings, and you will have them delivered at each press of the button. Want to pick something different? Just alter your choices in the app and the order refreshes immediately.

Refills for water dispensers at home or at the office are a necessity. Skip the hassle of having to go through a call or an email for your usual order with just a click of the button. Your water supplier will know it’s time to deliver your order.



Most offices need to deliver important mail on a regular basis and have engaged their own courier delivery services. A press of the button will alert the respective companies that a pickup of mail is called for. This promotes efficiency in the routes of their courier drivers.

In commercial areas with a lot of traffic such as hotels and prominent office buildings, people are a bit lost when looking for a ride. A click of the button will request a ride at the specific point-of-location.



In a car accident it happens that we just cannot reach our phone to alert emergency. Just press the button and this will send an alert to emergency to be dispatched immediately.

When living home alone and independently with no Wi-Fi. Just press the UnaBell and it will alert the call centre. The call centre has all client’s information and will be able to alert family members/dispatch proper assistance


Service and

We never know what to do when one of our home appliances breakdown. We all hate waiting on the line for voice machines indicating what to do next. A click of the button will immediately pinpoint which customer and what product requires repair.

When Point of Sale system breaks down, the impact can be seen immediately with long lines of frustrated customers. Push the button on the POS and receive a call back from customer service within few minutes. Customer service is able to determine which store and which POS machine is down.

At the office and in need of a TAX service/information or Insurance information. You can now just press a button to request a call back from this company offering those services. The service company will receive an alert and know which customer/contact to call back.



Some countries spend a lot of money on conducting census gauging its people for important matters. So far always been done through papers. That is a big load for government. Each household has several buttons dispatched by the government. They can directly respond to an ongoing poll by pressing one of their button.

Lifeguard presses the button in the morning when arriving at the station. This triggers a notification to main dashboard that directly links to a website and other displays announcing that the beach is now being watched. Another press at the end of the day to announce the beach is closing and no longer watched.

Elderly living home independently or any patient at home post-surgery. Can now press a button to log different things all along the day such as when taking medicines. Care center receives information and gets continuously updated in real time through these logs of their patients.