Safety first for your children.

KidSecure Lite-on child protection device

UnaBiz, with Lite-On, have introduced KidSecure. This child protection device allows you to locate your children in the event that they get lost or encounter a security threat.

Combining SOS alert functionality with GPS location tracking, KidSecure operates over the UnaBiz network that is linked to a mobile application. All your child has to do is press a button for the location information to be sent to you immediately.

How it works:

  • Child presses a button so you instantly receive location information.
  • Child pulls lanyard to activate a loud buzzer, alerting anyone nearby of potential security threat.
  • You instantly receive child’s location if KidSecure abruptly stops collecting geo-information.
  • GPS Functionality.
  • Operates over UnaBiz Network.
  • Works seamlessly with your mobile device.

Energy Efficient

Easy to Use


Stay tuned, or contact us for more information.