Network Deployment Manager (Singapore)


  1. Manage network deployment
    • Lead in network deployment plan of telecom basestation
    • Site acquisition of building rooftops to deploy Sigfox IoT Network base-stations
    • Negotiate and manage installation with contractors and landlords of the buildings
    • Oversee the field network deployment in getting contractors to install and deploy the network.
  2. RF Radio Planning
    • Produce and update RF coverage map
    • Optimize the radio deployment
  3. Oversee and maintain the network health at high uptime
    • Define and manage on field maintenance operation
    • Update deployment and maintenance activity dashboard
  4. Oversee internal system operations
    • Ensure network asset inventory are optimized
    • Contract renewal


  1. Telecom equipment, RF, field engineering and network deployment.
  2. Experience in project management and to oversee telecom engineering projects onsite.

To apply, please contact Jonathan Tan [email protected]