IT Support Engineer


  1. Respond to queries in the ticket system (IT help desk) and contact emails via email, slack, or phone for problem solving.
  2. Provide technical assistance for questions or problems of MIS software and hardware in each unit.
  3. Performing diagnostic tests, research, and debugging procedures to optimize computer systems remotely and in person.
  4. Documenting processes, as well as backing up and archiving data.
  5. Inventory management of information assets and of loaned items
  6. Set up and operate the company’s network structure, such as firewalls, switches, sharers, manage and maintain the network and data.
  7. Work closely with the Group IT/IS team to ensure services and quality for all users.

This role will provide collaboration to the Taiwan Office and overseas offices.


– Enthusiasm with IT systems, networks, and related technologies.
– Great communication for problem solving
– Good organizational, and time management skills.
– Basic experience in Windows & Mac Operating systems
– Basic knowledge of concepts of information security in computer use
– Basic installation and maintenance
– Work Tool : Google Sheet, Docs, and Slides O365 VM Ware Teamviewer

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