Inbound Marketing Manager (Taiwan)

We are looking for an Inbound Marketing Manager who is experienced in building successful conversion funnels in the global B2B tech industry. As a member of the Global Marketing & Communications team, you will be responsible for facilitating and executing inbound marketing campaigns for UnaBiz’s IoT solutions at a global scale. You will also have the opportunity to work with our diverse global teams and Sigfox 0G Operators across different continents.


  1. With an in-depth understanding of UnaBiz’s products/solutions and buyer personas, plan and execute digital campaigns using various platforms for lead generation for all regional sales teams as well as Sigfox 0G Operators.
  2. Dispatch all organic leads from company websites to relevant sales/presales team members and Sigfox 0G Operators, including pre-qualification and follow-ups, while continuously optimizing the lead management process.
  3. Build and optimize end-to-end marketing automation processes, including lead capturing, nurturing, scoring, qualification, assignment, segmentation, and reporting with accelerated pipeline conversions.
  4. Propose any new ideas for lead generation.


– Excellent proficiency in English.
– At least 3 years of experience in inbound marketing in the B2B global tech industry.
– Proven track record of successful social and SEM campaigns with various platforms including (not limited to) Google, LinkedIn, and industry-specific online media.
– Data and result-driven communication and reporting.
– Excellent communication and cross-team collaboration skills.
– The ability to always be thinking out of the box.
– Full knowledge of HubSpot Sales and Marketing Pro is a big PLUS.

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