Antenna design Engineer


  1. IoT product antenna design, implementation and verification for Sub-1G, 2.4G.
  2. Using computer simulation and experimental techniques perform engineering work in modification of existing, and design of new and advanced antennas and antenna products.
  3. Develop layout drawings and specifications for system or equipment modifications or expansions; setting up prototypes and conducting engineering tests.
  4. Resolve engineering problems by contributing information and opinions; reviewing and analyzing design and modification activities; devising new performance tests; recommending changes; notifying management to obtain additional resources and/or to coordinate solutions.


– Broad background in RF and 2+ years of relevant experience in antenna design.
– Experience with antenna theory, design, analysis, construction, and test.
– A working knowledge of materials for RF applications.
– Experience with CST, HFSS and/or other modeling software.

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