Purchasing Specialist

Purchasing Specialist works with Engineering teams to make sure UnaBiz has the supplies and equipment to put into production the customized products coming from our Engineering teams.

As a Purchasing Specialist, you use your wide industry knowledge and strategic supplier relationships to optimize our total cost of ownership for our global delivery. You will also need to provide cost evaluation and purchasing strategy quickly to support Sales and Engineering team for proposal evaluation. You will develop category strategies, supplier strategies, and purchasing strategies across an array of suppliers for technical professional services across a large procurement category


  1. Provide accurate cost evaluation from experience and supplier sources in a timely manner.
  2. Manage the sourcing and procurement of components, equipment, and software.
  3. Manage many partnerships simultaneously across various categories. Establish agreements for different types of services.
  4. Develop procurement category strategies for various categories with defined plans for cost savings, risk assessment and mitigation, and roadmap planning agreements. Manage business agreements, supply chain management and optimization.
  5. Own, drive, and manage external partnerships with an emphasis on terms and conditions. Act as an escalation point for critical procurement issues.
  6. Address all areas of global sourcing and supply chain management, including supplier performance management, global market, pricing analysis, agreements, and procurement support.


– Excellent communication and consultation skills.
– Experience in commodity or supply chain management or technical engineering service procurement.
– Experience working in the technology industry, specializing in supplier or partnership management, strategic sourcing, and product cycle management.
– Language: Chinese, English
– Experience:
• 3-5 years of experience in commodity or supply chain management in the technology industry.
• 3-5 years of experience working with strategic sourcing, supplier management and electronic component management.
– Educational background: Bachelor’s degree in a technical, quantitative, or business field or equivalent practical experience.

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