InnoVEX – Computex Taipei 2018

InnoVEX is part of COMPUTEX, the world’s leading technology B2B trade show. InnoVEX focus on tech startups networking. UnaBiz will attend this exhibition along with 5 other co-exhibitors this year. Scroll for more information about the exhibitors!


Smart Asset monitoring

Sensolus is an Industrial Internet-of-Things company, based in Ghent, Belgium. Sensolus brings value to the supply chain & asset monitoring processes of its clients by offering end-to-end IoT solutions. By combining smart sensors, low-power communication networks and cloud analytics Sensolus reduces operational costs and increases asset up- and usage time. Sensolus’ solutions are internationally recognized as being extremely energy-efficient, easy to install, operational scalable and very reliable in industrial environments.

Product: Sensolus’ Stickntrack is an end-to-end IoT solution for asset tracking that includes both easy-to-install, low power hardware and user-friendly software, and is easily scalable. With Stickntrack, companies gain visibility on, and can improve their supply chain & asset monitoring processes. Data on asset location, activity and usage is gathered by the Stickntrack trackers. The Stickntrack platform then visualizes this data and translates it into accessible business intelligence. This allows companies to optimise their internal and external processes by improving asset uptime, rotation and efficiency, while reducing waste of time and costs.

Geo-spatial artificial intelligence solutions

PTGEM UnaBiz ecosystem

PTGEM Pte Ltd is a company developing geo-spatial artificial intelligence solutions. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and service through the development of innovative, state-of-the-art IT development for Urban Planning and IoT.

Geospatial technologies are at the edge of innovation in many sectors, from Smart Cities Planning, to IOT, and PTGEM intends to provide technological solutions unique in the world.
PTGEM provides SAAS solutions as well as ad-hoc services on geospatial industry. There are at the moment 2 verticals:

– Urban planning
PTGEM is developing SAAS products for architects and planners that want to increase their productivity with geospatial solutions, with strong interest in Sustainability and Smart Cities. PTGEM provide services to develop geo-infrastructure deployments to client willing to use Open Source and state-of-art geo-technologies.

PTGEM has developed a suite of tool for developer to visualize, analyze and integrate, in 2D and 3D, sensor information from different sources. At the moment, several POCs are under development (i.e. with Cre8tec, pest control IOT) with the newest technologies like SIGFOX.

Smart trackers – Sigfox IoT product

GlobalSat UnaBiz ecosystem

GlobalSat WorldCom Corp. was established in 2000 and soon became a major manufacturer for GPS receivers and module makers in the world.
After years of innovation and cultivation, GlobalSat has accumulated profound experiences in all types of GPS application fields and refined its core product lines into four categories:
1. GPS Tracking System for personal and fleet.
2. GPS/Bluetooth Wearable Sport Devices.
3. IoT Products(Sigfox, 3G/4G, NB-IoT, LoRa)
4. GPS Modules and Receivers.

To integrate Sigfox/GPS/BLE RF electronic and communication applications, GlobalSat provides customization services of electronic designs, system integration and software development to meet customer specific needs.
At Globalsat, we are proud to provide our Partners a myriad of Services in the form of Engineering & Design, Product Development and Production Services, Specializing in IoT & M2M Technology Solutions with focused Core Competencies in Location Based & Edge Network Sensor Technologies, Broad Spectrum of Connectivity and Diversified Platform Services.

Rodent Monitoring System

crea8tec UnaBiz ecosystem partnersCRE8TEC Pte Ltd is a technology driven company, that focuses on developing domain-specific systems & solutions using IoT applications, particularly for the segment of environmental health industry. We are Singapore’s first integrated rodent risk management company.

soutions environment, ratsenseProduct: RATSENSE is a rodent monitoring system that uses data & IoT technology to monitor rodent activity and movements, thereby providing accurate insights and location mapping for strategic placement of traps in the field.

Smart Parking


本公司技術能量源自於智慧型交通管理(ITS)及行動自動辨識系統(AutoID),包含智慧雲端停車管理營運系統(HFPark)、多元電子金融整合及介接服務(EC)、自動化生產整合服務(RFID/PLC)、行動整合方案(APPs)及雲端服務(Cloud computing)等。

Our resources of technology are from ITS and AutoID. We participate in many projects, including PMS, EC, RFID/PLC, APPs and Cloud computing.