Senior Reliability Manager


As a Reliability Engineer, you will identify high risk failure modes early in the design life cycle, and collaborate with other teams to reduce the risk. You will develop new tests based on the physics of failure and expected user behaviors, and deliver test equipment and specifications that are critical to validate the product reliability, and work with partners to support the reliability requirements. Finally, you will collaborate on failure analysis, providing direction based on your evaluation of the test data.


– Oversee reliability testing and analysis through product lifecycle.
– Strong understanding of the physics behind material properties (mechanical, electrical, optical and material science).
– Experience with the manufacture and/or design of assemblies that convert digital signals into physical (voltage, light, vibration) signals and vice versa.
– Experience with the manufacture and/or design of electrochemical devices.
– Have well knowledge of accelerated life testing theory and methods. (development, planning and execution)
– Coordinate with external test labs to get products tested and supervise the labs to ensure the tests were performed according to the reliability test conditions.
– An analytical and logical thought process, with great attention to detail.
– Ability to learn quickly and adapt to new challenges.
– Ability to work unsupervised.
– Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
– Having knowledge of MTBF and FMEA.

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