Safecube IoTrack

End-to-end global shipment container tracking solution

End-to-End Container Tracking Solution

Cost efficient

Real-Time Events Updates

Condition Monitoring

Analytics and visibility web platform

IoTrack, an end-to-end global shipment container tracking solution, provides real-time visibility of location, which increases transparency through the supply chain processes for your multimodal transport flows.

The IoT solution consists of three parts

1. IoT Trackers

Positioned in containers by exporters and powered with Sigfox 0G network, it allows seamless global roaming.

2. Analytics and Visibility Web Platform

Provide real-time events, route optimizations, alerts, estimated ETAs and condition monitoring with the ability to interface with clients Information System.

3. Reverse Logistics Services

Allows tracker delivery to departure warehouse and reverse logistics from destination warehouse.

Benefits to Companies

Better Customer Relationship

Improvements in reliability for better customer relationships through the anticipation of delays, with actionable and predictive ETA’s.

Cost Reduction

Gain information in real-time for maximum utilisation, resulting in a reduction in lead time and working capital. A better control of flows allow a reduction in insurance premiums as well.

Monetize New Data

Create premium offers for customers with the reliable and valuable information provided.

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