The simplest & fastest GO TO MARKET smart button

Experience Out-of-the-Box connectivity with UnaBiz’s Smart Button powered by Sigfox.

All-in-One Smart Button Solution: Device + App + Cloud

  • Pushing the button triggers customisable notifications to alert self-defined recipients via API and web callbacks for specific business needs
  • Rich notifications available (SMS, VoiceCalls, Instant Messaging…)
  • Powered by the seamless IoT Communication Service
  • Enjoy the largest IoT Network powered by Sigfox

In which part of the world will the device operate?

  1. Zone 1 – Europe, Oman, Iran, South Africa
  2. Zone 2 – USA, Mexico, Brazil
  3. Zone 4 – Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Colombia, Argentina.
Enhance brand recall with Custom Branding
Simple User Interface – One physical button with a colored LED indicator
Low Cost – From USD1 per month per device
Press for Confirmation or Cancellation
Low Power – 10,000 clicks
Customisable Branding
Fuss Free – No WiFi. No SIM Card. No Set Up
Flexible Price Model & Optional Cloud/App/API Integration

One device, endless applications

 Call for service/maintenance

 Shipment pick-up

  Product order

 Task Notification

Elderly SOS Button

Taxi/Concierge Pick-up

Panic Button for Banks

Call Back Services