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Specialized Network Designed for Massive IoT

UnaBiz is rolling out the first dedicated IoT network in Singapore and Taiwan, designed specifically for enabling massive IoT deployment globally. This proprietary Sigfox technology uses a unique approach where the network listens to billions of objects broadcasting data, without the need to establish and maintain network connectivity to these objects. This eliminates signalling overhead and allows for a compact and optimized protocol. Network and computing complexities are further off loaded from the devices to the cloud itself, which drastically reduces energy consumption, improves simplicity of devices and reduces overall cost of connected devices.

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Sigfox network operates on license-free sub-GHz ISM band using Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) modulation to exchange radio messages over the air. Messages are transferred at a data rate of 100 or 600 bits/s, depending on region. The combination of UNB modulation and low bit rate allows the network to achieve high network capacity and high sensitivity of its receivers, enabling long range transmission.

Sigfox has implemented certain key principles to keep the network secure:

  1. No need for establishment of connection between devices and base stations – Device broadcast messages which are picked up by base stations. The absence of such link makes it almost impossible for hackers to launch targeted attacks at the base stations.
  2. Device comes with Unique ID and Private Key – These two are used in conjunction to create a signature which are embedded within messages which authenticates with the base station. This information is stored in non-accessible read-only memory as an added layer of security.
  3. Triple diversity scheme:

Time diversity: Payload transmitted in 3 consecutive radio frames

Frequency diversity: Each radio frame is transmitted in 3 different frequency within operational band

Space diversity: There are 3 base stations around on average to pick up messages

   4. Point to point link between base station and cloud – Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) and SSL encryption which enable secure, robust and trusted security.

Lightweight protocol designed specifically for small messages. Messages transmitted on the Sigfox network are up to a maximum of 12 bytes in uplink and 8 bytes in downlink, excluding overheads. As compared to conventional protocol for bigger message transmission, there is lighter protocol overhead and no signalling overhead involved. This in turn translate to lesser data and energy needed and increased battery life and higher network capacity.

Sigfox has designed its network to meet the requirement of mass IoT applications; long device battery life-cycle, low device cost, low connectivity fee, high network capacity, and long range.

UnaBiz has signed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Info-Comm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to provide an excellent level of network serviceability for its end-users.

Specifications of Sigfox network in Asia Pacific (RCZ4*)

Frequency bands: 920.8Mhz Uplink, 922.3Mhz Downlink (License-free ISM band)

Messages: Up to 140 uplink messages per device per day up and 4 downlink messages per device per day (Downlink requires device to initiate)

Maximum Payload format per message: 12 bytes uplink from device, 8 bytes downlink to device (Device ID Key and time stamp are included in the Sigfox message header)

Data rate: 600 bits per second

Maximum power radiated per device: 24 dBm (ERP)

Battery life: Up to 15 years depending on number of connections, sensor type and size

Subscription fee: as low as US$1 /device/year (depending on volume of devices to be connected and number of connections per day)

*List of countries in RCZ4: Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan

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